Available courses

This module introduces the topics of significant figures (sig figs or significant digits), measurement, and graphing.

This module begins the investigation of motion with motion diagrams, particle models and position-time graphs.  The position-time graphs are used to derive an equation for constant velocity problems.

This module covers velocity time graphs and derives four equations to use for constant acceleration problems.  Accelerated motion involves motion that changes speed which is called acceleration.  

This module introduces forces and free-body diagrams one dimension at a time.  Newton's Laws are explained and applied to the equations that are created from the free-body diagrams.

This module reviews vector addition and then goes over motion in two dimension incorporating friction.

This module introduces motion in two dimension, circular motion and relative velocity problems.

This elimination classroom game called Legacy will provide a very motivating classroom atmosphere that incorporates the exciting virtual world of MInecraft Education Edition.  Students will be focused, social, and engaged in learning.  It uses many game mechanics, like alliances, collaboration, surprise events, voting, games of chance, etc...  This game could be used in any classroom from kindergarten to geography to physics and it can last for an entire nine-weeks.  This game will change the way we teach!